Prayer for a Parent with a Pierced and Restless Heart

Ely EW, Linacre Q. 2014 May;81(2):115.

Dear Lord,

When my heart is trampled and tired because my child has committed or suffered sinful things, help me to embrace my role as an earthly parent without growing weary.

Help me to love the unending vocation of parenthood, while at the same time recognizing my limitations and relinquishing the outcome to You, my child’s True and Heavenly Father.

In moments of desperation, I confess that our family is empty and has only one true recourse: to be held in Your hands. Grip us tightly, Father, for there is no place we’d rather be.

Protect me from seeing things in black and white, which favors conflict over unity; instead, Holy Spirit, instill me with humility to pave a path for deeper participation in the life of my child.

Help me to avoid self-trust in favor of complete trust in You, bringing all my worries to the altar of prayer so that in daily life my actions will be rooted in Your will rather than mine.

As a parent, I often find myself living with a pierced heart that joins me to Your Passion. Help me, Lord, to travel the Way of Calvary offering my wounds joyously and lovingly to you, Jesus.

Doing my meager best, I pray that my happiness as a parent will be found in knowing that I’ve handed over to You all results of parenting in complete faith that Your Will be done for my child.

Help me to take hold of Our Mother’s hand, Lord, so that when I am blind to Your Grace, Blessed Mary will guide me back to You and ensure that my parental actions will be positive and loving.

Emblazon in my mind the image of the prodigal son’s father, so that I may be forgiving of both my child’s and my own errant ways, for in so doing, I will remain closer to You.

Then Lord, when you have my attention, in the midst of my restlessness as a parent, I pray that you make my pierced heart into one devoted to your service – patient, meek, and ready for today.

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