The Society of Saints Cosmas & Damian (SSCD) exists to provide support and community to Christian, particularly Catholic, medical students at Vanderbilt, so that they may grow in their faith throughout the course of their medical training. To accomplish this, we aim to connect students with one another and with Catholic physicians, both locally and nationally, through a strong relationship with the wider Catholic Medical Association.

Through small group discussions, lectures, worship, and informal gatherings, we hope to address the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual challenges of medical practice and strengthen one another through religious formation and community.


Name Year to Lead Undergraduate University Med School Grad Date
Mariu Carlo 2007 Harvard 2010
Brian Cruz 2008 Notre Dame 2011
Dustin Hipp 2009 Georgia Tech 2013
Daniel Koehler 2009 Notre Dame 2012
Dana Hipp 2010 Vanderbilt 2013
Kathleen Nemer 2010 Ohio State 2013
Niki Arinze 2011, 2014-2015 Vanderbilt 2015
Matthew Clark 2011 Vanderbilt 2014
Kelly Diaz 2012 Vanderbilt 2016
Melissa Harintho 2012, 2014-2015 Notre Dame 2019
Monica Bhutiani 2013 Duke 2016
Brittany Tielbur 2013, 2015 Iowa State 2016
Sam Gridley 2014, 2016 Harvard 2017
Kate Callaghan 2014, 2015-2016 Notre Dame 2017
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